Wednesday, 7 December 2011


p 0 s t :

the rains , just never seems
to bring the j0y , i feel the same
everlasting pain of my loss remains

my heart , can't seem to learn
to part the hold you left the mark
all that i dreamed  of now it seems
so stark

no i told myself won't hold my breath
a part of me was dying theare is nothing
left for me to do now, but give in

If you gave me, one chanes
to tell you how i was felling
I would sing to you and tell you
I won't live my life without you

If you gave me, one more chanes
to tell you how i was felling
I would hold you hand
and look in your eyes and you know,
I'd never let you go ...

The way, you left me on the train
I don't know what to say
I remember everything on that day

I can't believe we'd never dance
I just need one more chance
to share the sunset our last romence ..

: anies kha nei ? ahha . nope! .. eyya ini c'anies !             :-cbudak-;         : nope!! bluerkk .. uhu

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